Rust is a co-productions of plan d- and De Dansers

Fortunately not everyone is normal.
Fortunately there are strange and unusual people.
Fortunately something completely unexpected can happen.

A girl falls through a chute straight into a peculiar world. Here are things which normal people do not need anymore. Old plastic, discarded furniture, rusty devices. And also a few maladjusted people. Come dive into their surrealistic world, full of strange morning rituals, impossible dance duets, waltzing rubbish bags and melancholic songs.

RUST is a performance about the beauty of the abnormal. The three artistic directors from De Dansers and plan d- join forces on stage. They are dancers, singers, acrobats and inventors. A performance to amaze you, to make you laugh and to inspire you to behave out of the ordinary.

Made and performed by Andreas Denk, Guy Corneille, Josephine van Rheenen

Stage design Andreas Denk, Pink Steenvoorden

Artistic coaching Moniek Merkx, Irene van Geest, Nienke Reehorst

Production Danae Bos

Publicity Henriette Olland

Organization Miriam Gilissen

Upcoming performances

Festspielhaus St Pölten, St Pölten (AT)

schoolvoorstelling, St Pölten (AT)

schoolvoorstelling, Den Haag

schoolvoorstelling, Amsterdam

schoolvoorstelling, Turnhout (BE)