De Dansers on festivaltour

This summer De Dansers is playing at various festivals. The band of dancers and musicians is touring throughout the country with two performances. For Spoon Spoon (4+) De Dansers brings a pile of mattresses to 1000 x fall, lift, throw, catch… and if we manage, maybe even a little bit of flying. With a short version of Shake Shake Shake (14+) De Dansers creates a rock and roll ritual, with music as a motor and inspiration as fuel.

Festivaltour Spoon Spoon
Wed. 17 Jul | Op ’t Eiland Festival, Nijmegen
Sat. 20 Jul | Vondelpark Openluchttheater, Amsterdam
Mon. 5 Aug t/m Wed. 7 Aug | Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Festivaltour Shake Shake Shake
A short version of live dance concert Shake Shake Shake can be seen at various festivals this summer. The full-length theatre version will premiere on 28 September at theatre De Paardenkathedraal in Utrecht. 

Wed. 17 Jul | Op ’t Eiland Festival, Nijmegen
Fri. 19 Jul | Zwarte Cross, Lichtevoorde
Fri. 9 Aug t/m di 13 Aug | De Parade, Amsterdam
Sat. 17 Aug | Zomerterras, Vlaardingen
Sun. 18 Aug | Lowlands, Biddinghuizen
Thu. 5 t/m Sat. 7 Sep | Zeeland Nazomerfestival, Middelburg
Fri. 13 t/m Sun. 15 Sep | Festival Grazende Zwaan, Nieuw Vennep
Sat. 28 Sep | Paardenkathedraal, Utrecht (PREMIERE)

Upcoming performances

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht PREMIÈRE

Theater De Krakeling, Amsterdam

Schouwburg Amstelveen

MaasPodium, Rotterdam

Theater Kikker, Utrecht

Theater Kikker, Utrecht