De Dansers 
De Dansers is a Utrecht-based company of dancers and musicians, led by choreografer/dancer Josephine van Rheenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille. They create and perform dance performances, or rather dance concerts: organic meetings of modern dance and live music.

The dance embodies, materializes, crawls underneath the skin. Music intensifies and adds a deepening emotional layer, that resonates in your hearing, your memory and your gut. The dance language is tactile, open-hearted, without frills or vanity. De Dansers works with big, fast-paced group movements, floor work full of surrender and acrobatic partner work. The musical tone is raw and unpolished, you feel the breaking of a voice, the pushing of a rhythm.

The group is expert in the first encounter with dance and creates productions for children/families and for (young) adults that unjustly thought that dance was not for them. With over 100 performances a year, De Dansers reaches 15.000 visitors yearly. In Utrecht, nation-wide and international, in theaters, schools and (open air) festivals.

In 2014 Josephine van Rheenen and Guy Corneille followed up founder and choreographer Wies Merkx as artistic directors of De Dansers. Before that, the trio had worked together and developed the genre of dance concert in Merkx’s choreographies Café Ed Sanders, Dream City, ROSES and in 2015 The Basement.

Let’s hug
De Dansers wants to make her audience experience tangible live bodies and an uninhibited openhearted togetherness. In order to create a space in society for physicality and contact; to provide counterweight to the virtual, to superficiality and to individualism.

De Dansers especially beliefs in the value of dance at a young age. Then, your body is full of movement, it asks for running, jumping, toeging. Then, your brain has to be allowed to overflow with fantasy. What you experience or miss out on as a child, you can never redo.

Performances of De Dansers have it in them to appeal to the vitality of children and to tap into a forgotten desire for surrender and physical contact in adults.

The work of De Dansers entails:

  • family performances that incite the urge to move in theaters and schools throughout the Netherlands.
  • adult performances that seduce audiences in prominent dance venues as well as on (pop) festivals, also when they we’re not yet familiar with dance.
  • site-specific performances in whole-hearted dialogue with the environment, on festivals like Oerol Terschelling.
  • international tours: in 2013 and 2014, De Dansers was one of the three most travelled Dutch dance companies.
  • education, especially with in-depth partnerships with Utrecht schools as part of the programm ‘Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit’ (Cultural Education with Quality).

The board of De Dansers follows the Code Cultural Governance.
De Dansers receives funding from:

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