Together is close enough

VIM VIGOR & De Dansers


‘Together is close enough’ will get inside your head.

We will get close, but we won’t touch.

This is sometimes the best kind of touch.

We will move together, sometimes looking at familiar faces and sometimes at strangers.

Or maybe you will have a better idea.

There will be a place, a time, and bodies.

And of course I will be there too.


‘Together is close enough’ is a cinematic ride into the center of your head. Join VIM VIGOR (New York) and De Dansers for a collaborative project about closeness – prepare yourself for a vortex of bodies, sound, the NDSM and my voice


‘Together is close enough’ will premiere at Over het IJ Festival 2020.



Made possible by:


Choreography, dance Shannon Gillen (VIM VIGOR)
Dancers Josephine van Rheenen (De Dansers), Jason Cianciulli (VIM VIGOR)
Image Shannon Gillen

Upcoming performances

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht PREMIÈRE

Theater De Krakeling, Amsterdam

Schouwburg Amstelveen

MaasPodium, Rotterdam

Theater Kikker, Utrecht

Theater Kikker, Utrecht