Café Ed Sanders - Photo: Tobias Metz

Café Ed Sanders

Rockconcert and dance performance in one

A bunch of young dogs meet on stage: dancer with musician, person-on-top-of-table with person-under-table, his voice with her movement, me with you. An encounter full of explosive partner work and gritty songs, attraction and provocation, seduction and rejection. Like some sort of Breakfast Club, they stray away from the world and closer together. Beyond exhaustion, lights off, but the band plays on. So we’re not going home yet.

Café Ed Sanders’ is a kind of jam session of talented dancers and musicians that naturally try out all sorts of things.” – Trouw

“Lively, loud and in your face” – Cultuurbewust

Choreography Wies Merkx in collaboration with crew

Cast Sander de Bie, Stephan Bikker, Guy Corneille, Daan Crone, Blazej Jasinski, Josephine van Rheenen, Noemi Wagner, Melanie Wirz

Composition La Corneille i.s.m. choreograaf

Stage design Charles Corneille

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