A dance concert on the edge of the future

Humanity is heading towards a black hole called the future. How do we prepare for the unknown? De Dansers and Club Gewalt together make a proposal: let us resist the neoliberal perspective that dependence is a weakness, but instead firmly embrace it. Let us lean fully on each other and discover and recreate the rules of this. Let us be present. Let us actively dedicate our voices and bodies to the greater good.

DEEP/END is an exercise in interdependence. We don’t know where the future will take us, but one thing is certain: if we have to dive into the deep end, we will do it together. Club Gewalt and De Dansers find each other in a rousing and propelling march towards the future, which múst resonate and move on. Inspired by the persistent inevitability of The Planets: Mars (Holst) and the Bolero (Ravel), the bodies and sounds of ten performers merge into a musical and dancing relay. With the gently overwhelming dance of De Dansers, the anarchist singing voices of Club Gewalt and a shared belief in music, the distinction between the individuals disappears. After all, the individual is over: long live the collective.


DEEP/END will premiere on May 24 at O. in Rotterdam and will only play at various festivals in the summer of 2024:

May 23, 24 & 25 Rotterdam O.
June 27, 28 & 29 Utrecht Festival Tweetakt
August 8, 9 & 10 ‘s-Hertogenbosch Theaterfestival Boulevard


Concept Club Gewalt, De Dansers
Performance Amir Vahidi, Blazej Jasinski, Josephine van Rheenen, Gerty Van de Perre, Guy Corneille, Liam McCall, Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Ruben van Asselt, Suzanne Kipping
Final direction Khadija El Kharraz Alami
Dramaturgy Anne van de Wetering en Sanna Elon Vrij
Light design  Loes Schakenbos
Technics and light Noor Thijssen
Sound engineer Sam Jones
Production Andrea van Bussel, Danae Bos
Business management Miriam Gilissen, Rick Mouwen
Marketing and publicity Lizzy Schreijer, Merel Wildschut
Image Maartje&Merel

Upcoming performances

Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch