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Dream City

A harmonica wails. A girl wakes up in a dream. Defencelessly and speechlessly, she is guided along by strange figures and tempting songs, like an Alice in Wonderland. What starts with careful encounters quickly unfolds as a dream-flight, full of dance and music. And before you know it there is no way back, not even when the situation gets out of hand.

In Dream City, De Dansers show their most whirling, rollercoasting and fairy-like dance they have to offer, fired up by an epic of live music. Dream City is an ode to children in war zones, who are not even allowed a peaceful dream.

There is complete abandonment and an infectious, exhilarating sense of freedom. This is not just a performance, it suggests a philosophy for life: feel the mood, forget your fear, and then let go… together!”  **** (EdinburghGuide.com)

“An exciting elaboration of the unknown.” *** (Julia van der Putten, De Theaterkrant)

Choreography Wies Merkx in collaboration with crew

Cast Sander de Bie, Stephan Bikker, Guy Corneille, Daan Crone, Josephine van Rheenen, Noemi Wagner, Melanie Weijters

Composition La Corneille in collaboration with choreographer

Stage design Charles Corneille

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