Hold Your Horses

A coproduction of De Dansers and Theater Strahl Berlin

Hold Your Horses is a dance concert about the desire to hold on. De Dansers tell their story with twelve hands, including the accompanying bodies, and a few guitars. We see hands grasping, mistaking, touching, taking off, falling down and plucking guitar strings. We see passion and distance. We see the passage of time, fixed in a tight rhythm. We see people, sometimes close to each other, sometimes endlessly far away. We don’t see horses, although we do feel them. We don’t see the whimsical world that we can’t get a grip on. We do feel it slip through our fingers.

Hold Your Horses is about the urge to hold on to something or someone, in a world that is becoming increasingly elusive. Six performers bring the performance to life with dedication and musicality. Hold Your Horses has a spectacular, acrobatic movement language, and never loses its human sensitivity. As one body, the dancers move in a continuous flow, propelled by Guy Corneille’s live music full of compelling guitar compositions and gripping songs.

Hold Your Horses was partly created in Berlin and premiered in Berlin and Utrecht in September/October 2021. After a theater tour in The Netherlands Hold Your Horses will perform as a location performance at various (international) festivals in the summer of 2022.


Hold Your Horses LIVE 2022
March 17
Theater Ins Blau, Leiden
March 23 & 24 Theater De Krakeling, Amsterdam
April 2 Schouwburg De Meerse, Hoofddorp
April 6 Theater Rotterdam
April 9 Kunstmin – Energiehuis, Dordrecht
April 14 Podium Hoge Woerd, de Meern
April 20 Theater a/h Spui, Den Haag
April 21 Chassé Theater, Breda
May 9 & 10 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
May 11 Schouwburg Hengelo
May 13 Het Speelhuis, Helmond
10 – 19 Oerol Festival, Terschelling
July 1 – 3 Down The Rabbit Hole, Beuningen
July 8 – 12 Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam
July 14 – 17  Theaterfestival De Parade, Den Haag
July 22 – 26 Theaterfestival De Parade, Utrecht
August 12 – 16 Theaterfestival De Parade, Amsterdam


“As always  in the irresistible dance concerts by De Dansers from Utrecht, the atmosphere starts out playful and casual. Gradually a cry for help creeps in, the fear of losing grip.” ★★★★ – de Volkskrant

In Hold Your Horses we meet a pleasantly mixed cast, who create a playful and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time work with focus and collaborate accurately . It is nice that all performers contribute to the choreography as well as to the sound: they clap rhythms, play drums and master the harmonica.” – Het Parool

“There is an intriguing friction in Hold Your Horses, the latest performance by De Dansers […]. It is so easy to be swept away by the passionate and high-spirited dancers and musician Guy Corneille’s comforting sounds. But when I take the theme of the piece into account, looking for something to hold onto in a volatile world, comfort is exactly what is in short supply.” – Movement Exposed – Critical Space

“Hold Your Horses by De Dansers can be seen as an ode to our versatile, longing arms, as well as a cry for help in an increasingly elusive world.” – NRC

“It is the group dynamics that play a central role in the urge to hold on to something or someone that Hold Your Horses is all about. This dynamic is given the space to develop because each dancer presents a personality, and their urge becomes a party with De Dansers without having to fear the hangover of tomorrow. Together they find the joy that doesn’t want to go anywhere but the here and now.” – Theaterkrant


Supported by:


Choreography Josephine van Rheenen
Music (live) Guy Corneille
Made with and performed by Yeli Beurskens, Liam McCall, Youri Peters, Arturo Vargas, Marie Khatib-Shahidi/ Noëmi Wagner/ Yoko Haveman, Guy Corneille
Stage and light design Timme Afschrift
Sound engineer Chieljan van der Hoek
Dramaturgy Moniek Merkx
Costume advice Nicky Nina de Jong
Production support Theater Strahl Berlin 
Anna Vera Kelle, Florian Bilbao
Production Danae Bos
Business management Miriam Gilissen
Education Sanne Wichman, Florian Bilbao
Marketing and publicity Lizzy Schreijer
Acquisition Frontaal Theaterbureau
Artwork 75B
With support from Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, K.F. Hein Fonds, Fonds 21, Schäxpir Festival

Upcoming performances

Jonge Harten Festival, Groningen

Kloden teater, Oslo (NO)

Kloden teater, Oslo (NO)

Kloden teater, Oslo (NO)

Theater Strahl, Berlijn (DE)