Hotel Herewherethere

A coproduction of De Dansers & Het Filiaal theatermakers

We have arrived at a decayed hotel at the end of all the cities: Hotel Herewherethere, where amazing things appear and disappear without cause or reason. Four lost figures end up in the lobby trying to feel at home among dancing fish, teasing furniture and storming walls. Hotel Herewherethere is humorous and strange, yet surprisingly recognizable.

De Dansers and Het Filiaal theatermakers roll up their sleeves to create a family performance in which dance, mime and visual theater come together. They stand up for the beauty of the attempt to always make something of it, even if things go bad. Hotel Herewherethere is dance theater about wandering and discovering for everyone from 8 years old.


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Made by Josephine van Rheenen, Ramses Graus en Gabor Tarjan together with cast
Choreography Josephine van Rheenen
Direction Ramses Graus
Gábor Tarján
Cast Marie Khatib-Shahidi/ Yoko Haveman, Wannes De Porre, Blazej Jasinski, Anna Bentivegna
Final direction Monique Corvers
Decor design & costume advice Hiske de Goeje
Sound & light Marco Chardon, Bauke Moerman
Light advice Tim van ‘t Hof
Thanks to Guy Corneille, Emma Breedveld
Photography Bart Grietens
Artwork 75B
Supported by Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten, OCW

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