Guy Corneille and Josephine van Rheenen of De Dansers and Jochum Veenstra and Roos Visser of De Theatertroep join forces in MOT. Four disciplines – dance, scenography, theatre and live music – together tell the story of an escape from a nightmare. Can you learn to love fear? There is a monster to dance with and a comforting ghost song. There are life-size dolls and striking bodies. There is an uneasy struggle with the lack of language. MOT is a comfort for restless audiences and anxious viewers.

“I stare at a place on the wall.
My breath stops.
I don’t want to move.
My body strikes.”


Due to covid-19 MOT was unable to premiere on April 1 in Frascati Theater (Amsterdam) and neither the research presentations took place in Theater Kikker (Utrecht). The performances have been moved to February 2021. Dates and tickets will follow soon.

Already bought a ticket for MOT? With Save your ticket, enjoy later you can still visit the performance. This helps us to bear with the economic impact caused by covid-19. The theaters informed ticket holders about this regulation via email. More information can be found on these webpages of Frascati or Theater Kikker. Hope to see you in February!





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Made and played by Guy Corneille, Josephine van Rheenen, Jochum Veenstra and Roos Visser

Dramaturgy Czeslaw de Wijs

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