Anarchistic dance concert for toddlers

Like children raging over the playground, that’s how the three performers of Pokon storm the stage. Give them some furniture, a ladder, a guitar and some plants, and let’s pretend that you ARE allowed to run, climb, lose attention and get dirty. What follows is a whirling, twirling, hiccuping, tumbling, rumbling and singing stream of playful necessity. Even though we are sometimes a little stuck – in a table, a ladder or again those persistent rules – Pokon is unstoppable.

With Pokon, De Dansers bring an ode to playing. All animals play in order to grow – the same goes for humans. A performance full of movement, rythm, fantasy and friendship, for children and grown-ups who can’t keep still.

“With their energy and musicality, they effortlessly manage to keep the attention of the young audience.” (De Theaterkrant)

“What starts carefully, soon becomes a wild game, but with the same seriousness as the children.” (Dans Magazine)

Choreography Josephine van Rheenen

Cast Stephan Bikker, Guy Corneille, Noemi Wagner

Music Guy Corneille

Light design Marco Chardon

Coaching Francisca Rijken

Upcoming performances