Spoon Spoon

Do you dare to fall into somebody’s arms? To jump together and not think about where you might land? To gather all your friends together and cartwheel through the living room? Or would you rather fall asleep in a cosy hug? It’s all possible in Spoon Spoon. In a world full of mattresses, three dancers and a musician search for that magical moment, when it feels like you’re floating and everything around you disappears. The stage is ready, now it only requires a little bit of courage….


“The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”
– Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy


With playful energy, impressive acrobatics and dreamy music, De Dansers creates a performance that is about freedom, safety and bravery. The form: a hypnotical, comical and highly contagious composition of 1000 x falling, lifting, throwing, catching, stumbling, somersaulting… and if we manage, maybe even a little bit of flying.


“The enthusiastic horseplay on dozens of mattresses is infectious and witty enough to captivate the attention of young and old for the entire almost-an-hour-long performance.” – Newspaper NRC

“No matter how recklessly the dancers move, the loving way they pick each other up afterwards expresses a sense of security. It is impressive how the dancers throw themselves and each other in all directions, while still seeming soft and playful.” – Theaterkrant


Made possible by:

Choreography Josephine van Rheenen

Made and performed by Yoko Ono Haveman, Youri Peters, Fleur Roks, Hans Vermunt

Music (live) Hans Vermunt

Scenographic advice and costume design Nicky Nina de Jong

Artistic advice Irene van Geest, Klaus Jürgens, Guy Corneille, Wies Merkx

Technical crew Samia te Nuijl,  Marco Chardon

Light advice Tim van ‘t Hof

Production Danae Bos

Business management Miriam Gilissen

Education Sanne Wichman

Marketing and publicity Lizzy Schreijer

Acquisition Frontaal Theaterbureau

Photography Bart Grietens

Artwork 75B Gemeente Utrecht

With support from Fonds Podiumkunsten


Upcoming performances

théâtre berthelot. Montreuil (FR)