THE BASEMENT - Photo: Joerg Metzner

The Basement

in coproduction with Theater Strahl (DE) / choreography Wies Merkx

In The Basement, everybody fights with everybody – and above all, with themselves. Because nobody likes to be lonely. But what is the fear of rejection is as big as the desire for connection?

With The Basement choreographer Wies Merkx created a desperate attempt at getting close, from people that are unable to open up to anyone — people desire nearness of others, but can’t help pushing them away, fighting them off. In order to protect their vulnerability, they annihilate all their chances for nearness. Six dancers and musicians give them a voice and a body, with fierce, merciless partner and floor work, painful theatrical situations – almost comical in their clumsiness – and piercingly melancholic songs.

Ultimately, The Basement offers consolation, by going to the extreme in order to break a crack in people’s armours — and hopefully let a tiny ray of light in.

“Conclusion: a strong piece of dance theatre, that blows you away in such a delightfully forceful way, that it leaves you gagging for more. “ – Zitty Berlin

★★★★ – Fritz de Jong, Het Parool

“a breathtaking performance” (cleeft.nl)

Concept and choreography Wies Merkx

Performers Guy Corneille, Daan Crone/Ruben van Asselt, Claire Lamothe/Reut Aviran, Enrico Paglialunga/Blazej Jasinski, Wannes de Porre, Josephine van Rheenen

Original music (live) Guy Corneille, Daan Crone (La Corneille)

Light design Wies Merkx, Werner Wallner

Project management Cornelia Baumgart, Cees van Gemert

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